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Hatha Yoga With Lynn and Danielle

A Hatha yoga class will typically involve a set of physical postures (asanas) and breathing techniques, practiced more slowly and with more static posture holds than perhaps vinyasa flow or Ashtanga yoga. 

Hatha Yoga Flow with Lynn: For people with some knowledge of yoga asanas(postures), some movements are flowing and can be more physically challenging, followed by some static/hatha asanas where you breath for longer in a posture, starting and finishing with breathwork, often pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) at the end of the session.

Kundalini Yoga with Danielle

A delve into the powerful practice of Kundalini yoga; harnessing energy, developing inner guidance and a deep sense of spiritual connection.

A rejuvenating and energising practice; increasing vitality and bringing in positive energies, thoughts and emotions. Strengthening the nervous system, the core, purifying the blood and expanding lung capacity.

(Suitable for beginners)

Pilates With Anna

Beginner Pilates: These classes will be focusing on the basics of Pilates allowing you to work on your concentration, Centering, Control, precision, breathing, alignment, posture and flow. We will be using a progressive Pilates structure to the class so you can work on the same exercises each week as well as some new ones added each class. Building strength and control with the lower level beginner exercise is essential. Beginners Pilates will teach you the foundations of a good technique to allow you to progress to a higher level strengthening. 

Intermediate Pilates: In this class we will be working on a more higher level of Pilates whilst still helping backs and shoulders and reconnecting with good posture. During the mat work we target abdominals, gluts and pelvic floor with Pilates exercises. Towards the end of the class Anna will incorporate a few minutes of mindfulness/relaxation. You will leave the class feeling taller, stronger and energized for the week ahead.

Supple Strength with Anna;

Supple Strength is a take on Pilates and Yoga exercises, incorporating mindfulness techniques that stretch and strengthen muscles for a strong and controlled routine. A range of postures and exercises that are based on yoga and Pilates. Working more on the strength and fitness side to help tone and obtain stronger muscles. 

Beginner Ballet with Anna

Ballet is fun no matter how old you are or what goals you wish to accomplish through ballet. We will be learning the basic positions, techniques of ballet which includes the following; Ballet helps develop streamlined muscles –  requires strong upper and lower especially in core muscles. As a result, regular ballet exercise will build up key muscle groups over time, This gradual increase of strength will make your movements more fluid, but you’ll also find that you’re more fit to carry things in your everyday life. The nice flow of music and calmness will keep you relaxed throughout the class. 

Beginner Tap with Anna

Like many forms of dance, tap involves the training of not just your body but your musical ear. With tap, you are the music. Those metal taps on your toes and heels can generate countless sounds, rhythms, pitches and dynamics. Your first tap class will offer an introduction to some of the more basic toe and heel taps, and the sounds they create. All your tap classes will begin with a warm-up to ensure your ankles and lower legs are primed for tap movements and repetitions. As well as fundamental drills, beginners will learn how to shift their weight to make the most of their new instrument and produce clearer sounds. After your first class these basic steps will be weaved into fun routines and new steps added. Tap shoes are not essential, trainers will do for your first few sessions. Tap mats will be provided. 

Spiky ball: Spikyball classes include various exercises that incorporate Pilates and balance whilst using your spikyball. The “spikes” on the balls create a sensation of tingling on the skin when used to massage tight or tender spot. Great for stimulating and massaging the bottoms of your feet. By using pressure and specific movements you can encourage the Spiky Ball to really target those deep trouble-spots and also encourage your muscles to relax. Please provide your own spikyball for these classes.

Egyptian Belly Dancing with Rosi: Belly dancing is a none weight bearing fun way of exercising, suitable for all ages. Many of the moves involve isolations, which improves flexibility of the torso.  Belly dancing moves are beneficial to the spine, as the full body undulation moves lengthen (decompress) and strengthen the entire column of spine and abdominal muscles in a gentle way.

Nia Dancing with Laura: Nia dancing is a mind/body physical conditioning program, includes neurological integrative practices and techniques.  Nia combines martial arts, modern dance arts and yoga in a workout set.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture with Lynn Owen, Lynn specialises in treating  pain related problems (back pain, menstrual pain, arthritis, tennis elbow, headaches etc..) using Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, some massage/acupressure when needed, dietary advice and tailored one to one yoga lessons, contact Lynn for more information, 07870 373545

Weekend Workshops

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