The Studio Class Schedule October


2020   October

                               4 week blocks starting W/C – 7th October


7.30-8.30pm – Hatha Yoga – with. Lynn suitable for all – (also available via zoom, message Lynn to arrange the link – 07870373545)


10.00-11.00am – NIA Dancing (From 15th September -3week block)

12.30-1.30pm – Hatha Yoga with Daneille


10.15-11.15am – Intermediate Pilates with Anna

11.45-12.45pm – Spiky Ball with Anna

7.00-8.15pm – Hatha Yoga Flow & Breathwork – Intermediate with Lynn(also available via zoom, message Lynn for zoom link 07870 373545)

Thursdays – New Class Starting Thursday 22nd October

10.00-11.00 am – Intermediate Pilates with Rachael Kidd


8.45-9.45am – Intermediate Pilates with Anna

10.15-11.15am – Beginners Pilates with Anna

11.45-12.45pm – Adult Ballet with Anna – £8.00 trial class then book for the next 3 weeks as a block with Lynn Owen

  Special Event With Yelena Chowdry -Gentle Yoga & Soundbath
Friday 23rdth October 6.00 – 7.30pm. – Telephone to book-07870 373545
Join Yelena for gentle yoga and sound bath meditation.
We will start with relaxation listening to ocean drum and Tibetan  singing bowls followed by gentle yoga and pranayam (breathing techniques) to further relax your body and mind. We will finish with sound bath  meditation to immerse in beautiful vibrations that are healing for your body and mind.
GENTLE YOGA  helps to get the body out of stress mode, releases tension, calms the nervous system, restores the overall sense of balance to the body and mind.
PRANAYAM is the practice of breath regulation. It’s a main component of yoga, an exercise for physical and mental wellness.
SOUND BATH is therapeutic and meditative experience whereby you “bathe” in the sounds and vibrations produced by different instruments such as crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls and crystal harp. Through these sounds and vibrations your mind enters a meditative and relaxed state. This brings about healing at mental, emotional, and physical level.
Sound bath meditation may not be suitable if you are:
Pregnant  (1st trimester)
Wear certain hearing aids
Have a pacemaker.
You suffer from seizures
Please bring your own mat, pillow and blanket.
Investment:  £15


10.00-11.15am – Kundalini Yoga with Danielle

For All bookings and payments contact Lynn Owen

078703 73545 or

Payment by BACS or credit card, cash & cheques are still accepted but need to be paid in advance to the class start date, all payments must be pre paid, 48hour cancelation policy, blocks are none refundable or transferable.

What Else Is Happening

On Line Pilates With Emma Malone – Contact Emma for details

07771 345009

 On Line  Yoga with Lynn Owen – Contact Lynn for details

07870 373545

Yoga time table changes slightly every week so please ask to sign up to my on line mailing list

For all enquires contact Lynn Owen -Studio Manager: 07870 373545


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Please contact Emma: 07771 345009, Lynn: 07870 373545,

Jamie :07710 649205,Don:01829 720514 , Rosi: 07743 490726 to book any of the above classes.

For all general enquiries, please ring Lynn-07870 373545

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