If you’re looking for effective help to seriously improve your riding and achieve more with your horse, you’ve come to the right place.

Equipilates™ provides the rider with the skills to find the correct position in the saddle, together with a variety of exercises which focus on releasing tight muscles, improve spinal alignment and strengthen your core creating an Equipilates™ Body, which will enable you to ride with minimum effort for maximum gain! Your horse will love you for it!

Equipilates™ sessions cater for individual needs as well as being informal, informative and fun. Initially you come along for an Individual Postural Assessment.

Individual Postural Assessment

Bring your own saddle, photos or video of your riding (in advance would be great). You will go through a postural assessment and a biomechanical screening to identify any issues which may be affecting your riding. Based on these findings, you can then decide the following options…

Private sessions (One-to-One or Two-to-One Sessions)

These sessions focus on working on muscle release, alignment, breathing and core strength. Equipilates™ specific exercises will be provided according to individual needs Handouts will be provided to help you continue to improve. Click here for 1:1 session times and contact us for availability.

Equipilates™ Classes

Weekly classes are held at The Studio (see Class Schedule for details) Class size is kept to a maximum of 6 to ensure individual attention After a block of six sessions the class will convert to a Level 2 Pilates mat class to ensure you continue to challenge your core, increase your strength and continue your improvement. At this time the maximum size of the class is 12.

Equipilates™ Workshops

These are held during the Spring and Autumn terms and cover the following topics:
1.  Alignment and Breath
2.  Improve your Dressage Seat
3.  How to engage your core
4.  Lateral Movements Demystified
5.  Light, Consistent Contact – the role of your shoulders and arms


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