Beginners Hatha Yoga taking yoga back to basics. Ideal for those who are completely new to yoga, just starting to exercise after a long break or those wanting a low level class. The focus is on the basis of each asana/posture and breathing techniques

Beginners / Intermediate Hatha Yoga – breathing techniques with the focus on alignment and improving postures. Ideal for beginners or those who want a basic yoga class to improve their health and well being

Hatha yoga flow breathing techniques, yoga alignment plus gliding from one posture to another

Easy Does It Yoga – breathing techniques and basic yoga postures. Ideal for those wanting an easier class although still a challenge.

Hatha Yoga is taught at The Studio by Lynn Owen who has been practising yoga for 30 years, mostly Hatha, Iyanga and Ashtanga.

She is very passionate about using yoga to improve health and well being and she particularly likes to focus on back and neck care

All her classes have an emphasis on correct alignment and awareness including breathing techniques/pranayama to calm the nervous system



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